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Conti 24 hour Thunder Run

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well?

Well there you have it, Last weekend I undertook my 24 hour running challenge and it was super tough! In this post I will try to bring you an insight into my run and just how hard it really was. 

On the 20th July I lined up on the start line with a couple of hundred other runners waiting to begin 24 hours of running. There were roughly 3000 runners at this event some running in teams of 8, 5, pairs and like me solo. In the male solo category I was 1 of 98 runners. I can't explain to you how amazing the atmosphere is at this event, from the moment you arrive and start setting up your tent you can feel a buzz in the air. As midday approached the count down from 10 started, everything since February when I started training for this event has led up to this moment. Then I heard the air horn that signaled the start of the race and the start of a very long 24 hours. As the runners in front of me started to move forward a loud cheer of encouragement fr…
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It's almost here and Introducing Georgia

Hi everyone! hope you are all well?

Sorry that I have not posted in a while but My family have been through an extremely tough time but don't worry I shall be on that start line in 9 days. This will be my last post before the run and I can't believe how fast this has come around but there is no going back now. I need to get my butt in gear and start packing my stuff. I will be sending out reminders on my Instagram all next week but just so you are all aware I will be doing a little video after every lap on my Instagram story to keep you all up to date with my progress and how I am feeling. If you don't current follow me on Instagram please search jm_running_nurse and hit the follow button.  

Donations over the last week or so has been slowly coming in, The Difference a Day Makes fundraiser total now stands at £1438.44. We are 47% of the way to are target of £3000, it would be amazing to make it to 50% before I start my run. You can do your bit to help me by sharing my challe…

Introducing Helen

Hi Everyone, hope you are all well ?!

It been a couple of weeks since my last post so lets bring you up to date. The Difference a Day Makes fundraiser is going well, the total has gone up since the last post and now stand at £1403! this is amazing and we are almost at 50% of the £3000 total, if you have already donated then I am so grateful and you are helping to make a real difference to the lives of children who have a life limiting condition that live in the local area. If you have yet to donate and feel you have a few pennies that you can give please follow the link here. Weather you donate or not you can still help me spread the word by talking about my challenge to friends, family and colleges. The more people we can get involved the more money we can raise for these children in your local area. I've got to say a massive shout out to Briony, you will know her from The Great British Bake Off. She has been amazing in helping spread the word about my 24 hour challenge by sharing…

I'm back and this one really is all about me

Hi Everyone!

So its been a while since I have written an official blog but I have done a couple of race reports. If you haven't read them please check them out. If this is the first time you have read one of my posts, welcome and thank you for coming along on this journey with me.  Please go back and check out my previous posts if you have't already. If you have been with me before you will know that I stopped writing my blog a while ago and I would like to quickly explain why. I hope you were all enjoying my posts but I believed that what I was writing about was becoming a bit repetitive and boring and that's the last thing I wanted this blog to be. So I took some time away from it to have a good thinking about how I was going to improve my posts and make them more interesting. In past posts I have spoken a lot about my training and what Jessie May does but I haven't really said a lot about myself, my family or the people I work with at Jessie May. I thought it would b…

Newport Marathon Race Report

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all have been keeping well and I have seen a lot of you read my race report on the Frenchay 10K, if you haven't please check it out. This weeks race report is about how I got on at the Newport Marathon, which believe it or not is my first official marathon! The marathon took place on Sunday the 5th May 2019 and is claimed to be one of the flattest marathons in the UK. It is so flat that 70% of people who run it claim a personal best (PB) and the record for the course was also broken this year. The guy that won ran it in 2 hours 31 minutes and 34 seconds 😲! he ran it so fast if he lived in Bristol he would have finished the marathon, got back to his car and driven home before I managed to get over the finish line. This year there were 6000 people taking part in the marathon and the 10k that is the same day. 

I was up at 6 am as I was being picked up at 7 to head over the Severn bridge and into Wales. I was feeling confident, I had followed a training plan (…

Frenchay 10K Race Report

Hi everyone!

As I am not currently writing my blog at the moment (Please see previous blog entry) but I thought I would keep in touch by writing a couple of race reports. So her goes my first attempt at doing just that!

On a chilly Sunday morning on the 28th April I took part in the Frenchay 10K and for those of you that don't work in kilometers like me its a 6 mile race. Why are shorted races in kilometers?, I don't know and one day I shall remember to look it up! According to their website Frenchay 10K was one of the first 10K events ever set up in this country in 1980! It was set up to raise money for local charities and today was the 39th time is has been held. The event set up was pretty good, the race HQ was on the Glenside UWE campus. There was plenty of onsite parking (which is unusual) and off site parking in the near by housing estate where we parked. Inside race HQ there was plenty of room for all the runners to prepare. We hadn't signed up online before hand so …


Hi everyone,

Hope everyone has been well?! and sorry for the sudden radio silence!

I was becoming increasingly worried that you guys might be getting a bit bored of what I was writing and I found myself repeating things quite a lot. I am currently working on a new style for my blog and I should have something put together in the next few weeks. I will also be putting a couple of race reports on here over the coming weeks so please come back to read them. In the mean time I have put a few pictures below of how my training is going.

Take care everyone and thank you for all the support each and every one of you has given me!