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Rain, Rain go away!

Hi all
SS Great Britain on our 18 mile run 

I hope you all have had a good week and if you are a runner, have you been soaked as many times as I have this week? 4 out of my 5 runs this week I have been soaked through. I hear the weather isn't getting much better for next week either. So this week I also got new pair of trainers, thank you my mum and dad 😀. Now first of all I like getting new running trainers as much as the next person but every runner will tell you a new pair of trainers comes with a whole host of worries. Will they be comfortable, will they give me blisters, will they just tear my feet to shreds and much more. I choose the same make just a newer version so I was hopeful that none of the above would happen, more on this later.

The fundraising total has now broken the £500 mark but there is still a very long way to go! If you feel you can donate please visit my Virgin Money Giving page here. to put this into perspective with this amount we would cover almost 2 respite visits. Jessie May do a lot more than 2 visits in one day. I know its a big ask but i feel we can push this total up a lot higher. 

                                              Tuesday 5th March
An early morning Interval training session in the rain today. The morning didn't start of to good as I had realised that I had broken one of my head phones ear buds. I know this doesn't sound a big thing but at 6 am and when your tired it is a BIG thing! I stormed out for my run and was in a bad mood for most of the session. In total I ran 6.67 miles in 1 hour and 1 minute, my average pace was 9.09 minute/miles. 
Later in the day I found out that a couple of people will be taking on their very own challenge to help raise money for The Difference a Day Makes campaign but I will talk more about this in the coming weeks. 

Thursday 7th March
The weather this morning was cold and wet, I had planned to wear my new trainers but chickened out as I didn't want to get them dirty. I know, I know silly but I wasn't going to dirty a pair of trainers on their first outing. So in my old trainers I ran 6.27 miles in an hour at an average pace of 9.35 minute/miles. This run was another one that I had to have a word with myself, again I just didn't want to get out of bed but again I was able to get out there. Soon it will happen when I am not going to be able to convince myself but we shall cross that bridge if it happens.

Saturday 9th March 
I could not make Parkrun this morning as I was working at 10 am so I got up before work to get a few miles in the legs. It was wet again and again I got soaked but I decided that I had to wear my new trainers. They felt fine but I did have a bit of soreness in the ball of my left foot, hopefully this will get less the more I wear them. I ran 5.36 miles in 50.36 minutes at an average pace of 9.26 minute/miles. I don't have any Podcasts to listen to at the moment and I am getting bored of my music so I found some old school Clubland Bounce playlist on Spotify to listen to today. Although I had music on it is amazing how your mind drifts to other things, on this particular run I found myself reflecting 💜 

Sunday 18th March
18 miles today, yes 18 miles!! Dad joined me again this Sunday and he made sure he had a good breakfast, taken on lots of water and taken his tablets on time. We decided that we would run the opposite way round to last week. The moment we stepped out of the door we knew it was going to be a hard run as the wind was so strong, at one point it felt like I wasn't moving forward at all. Then the rain started but thankfully it quickly stopped, no soaking for me today. The plan for when we run the Newport marathon is that me and dad will run together for the first half and then we will split and run our own race from there. Now the reason is more for my benefit than dads. I tend to get carried away at the start of races and have nothing left by the time I get near to the end. Dad is very good at sticking to a certain pace, so I use him as my pacer!. Today was a really nice run and we spent most of it chatting away about sport and history as we usually do, then 13 miles came up and dad released me. If you look at the picture you can see my split times drop quite a lot from 13 miles, I was feeling fresh and felt like I still had lots in my legs. I finished the 18 miles in 3 hours and 13 minutes. I felt strong when I finished and could have run further. Dad finished his 18 miles in 3 hour and 26 minutes. This is impressive and shows what he can do when he gets the pre-run prep right. 
My problems come after running, I am not very good re-hydrating after this run I had a headache all afternoon. I couldn't shift this no matter how much water I took on board since the headache started. I run with a camel pack on with water that has a salt solution in it but again I feel today I didn't drink enough of this on the way round. We have started to try to incorporate eating during our runs which I think help with energy levels towards the end. 

Next weekend me and the family are away in London but will be back on Sunday evening and I will be out in my Jessie May top running at half marathon. This is a drop in miles but it's what the training program says to do. As it is not as many miles as previous weeks I am going to go for it on, I would like to run a sub 2 hour half marathon. Now I have said that you can all hold me to it 😟   

I realised that all the pictures i take of myself are before my runs, so here is a post 18 mile selfie!

Post 18 mile Selfie

Please share this blog with anyone you think will be interested and could you share the Facebook link when you see it so that all your friends can get involved as well. Lets start getting the total to donate to Jessie May towards the £1000 mark. Thank you for all helping spread the word.

Hope you all have a good week, take care 




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